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An Entry that took me a real long time

Not long ago I mentioned about my adventitious trip to somewhere.

Against all odds, I made it to Greece.

And a while later, I'm now serving my terms - No holiday goes unpunished.

Read on if you are interested to know my encounter with the police in Dubai; and how I survived a week on a glorious section of the Mediterranean full of whitewashed stucco buildings trimmed in enchanting blue, against the allure of the sea and mountains, without breaking the bank.

After 7 damn hours playing nanny to a crying baby in economy, I couldn't wait to arrive at my first stopover Dubai. Was in fact pretty excited after so much hype was given to the middle east in SATC2. Shortly after I got off the plane while hurrying for the immigration, I was being stopped by the airport official. I thought was my glaring shades, however was because me drinking water!!! It wasn't even alcoholic! Was told I could be heavily fined. As it was the very holy month of Ramadan, no drinking, eating or smoking allowed in public during the day. F&B outlets at most area were not open until 7 pm. But the funny thing was... all their toilets smell of food and cigs! Pardon my ignorance, I still believe airport should be an international free zone. Everyone ought to eat and drink freely! Apart from the interesting mishap, Dubai to me screams wealth, witchery and dust.

And oh, I was very lucky to have another kid puking over my seat in the over booked war zone. So was in Business from Dubai to Athens!

Sadly only having a night to spare, my recollections of Athens are the preeminent Acropolis and the very cute immigration officers.

Upon sunrise, hearing the booming horn from the cruiseliner echoing around the harbour for a full minute... I knew my holiday had truly began.Mykonos in summer is like a colligate of several worlds - the greek, the gay and the generic tourist world. An island with zillions of chapels but only 31 taxis. Awesome. As a first time visitor, I felt the laid-back of an island with the energy of a city.

The stories I heard about tourists getting lost in the maze town came clear. The town is free to wander - think complete pedestrian experience. No buildings on the island are more than 2 floors tall, almost all in hues of dazzling white and blue. The zillions alleys are all cobbled, looking similar, and blending into each other. Each one is filled with small shops, galleries and hotels. I found a Hermes shop out of no where, opposite a bakery! My advise is forget the map, getting lost is half the fun! It was truly an memorable experience dragging my 25kg baggage along the tiny lanes in search for my first hotel. My rimowa was deformed by the time I got there.

I woke up everyday with a smile pondering: WHY IS THE SKY SO BLUE ?

I was hoping to write something new about the place, like how awful it was. But I'd be lying my pants off. My hotel owner who lived there for generations, swore it being the most beautiful island in Europe during summer. No doubt if you enjoy the sun, sea, sky, sand and sexy people. It was quite experience for me at their beaches.

I think never 'OMG' so many times in my life before.

Many (MANY) sun worshippers at the beach were porn star material. I saw several wearing their birthday suits even at the dangerous cliffs. My eye feast however came with a little insecurity; which was shortly balanced by some greek wine! To cut the story short, there are several crazy and funny things.

1. I walked into a random hair salon asking for their creative hairstylist where the cashier is the only stylist. I freaked out when she told me she was going to turn me into a 'model' during my 5 minutes cut. Hair cut is something I NEVER do random.

2. Despite knowing someone flew down the cliff while on the bike, I rode a four wheeled bike with two others on the small and whiny hill route to the club (Think of my hair!)

3. Had wine every morning because it was cheaper than coke light, yums!

4. Fell sick and paid 70 euros to see doctor to be only given paracetamol.

5. Discovered that the famous chapel, which appears in almost every postcard to be a 'happening' ground at night. I was there to witness several live f*cough*king actions. Like seriously !


Ferrying to Mykonos

Hope to see you 2 summers later !

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